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| Brochures

Get your message out to potential customers quickly and concisely with a well designed brochure. Small enough to slip in a pocket or an envelope, brochures conveniently provide an extra punch to your marketing message in an inexpensive package. Put brochures to work for you in your next marketing campaign to:
introduce a new product or perk up interest in an existing product line
acquaint customers with major services you provide
point out key features and benefits to new and potential customers


| Business Cards

Small enough to adujust in a pocket, yet versatile enough to use anywhere, your business card is the most important piece in your marketing arsenal. More than just names and numbers, effectively designed business cards provide a bold impression with your prospective customers, and put your contact information right at their fingertips when they are ready to buy.
Maximize your business card's impact with full-color printing and eye-catching imagery. Add valuable real estate for maps or tear offs with a fold-over business card. Use high-quality paper to add elegance and make your business cards stand out from the competition.

| Calendar

Calendars Keep your company in front of customers' eyes with a custom calendar. Calendar printing is a powerful way to make sure your business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people each and every day.
Using full-color photos? Make them pop on premium glossy paper and cover stock! Looking to liven sales? Plan a promotion for each month and incorporate it into your calendar design.
Build a calendar around your customer base. Highlight important dates and holidays specic to your customers to provide a valuable resource they can't live without.


| Flyers

Get your messages out to the masses. Flyers are a cost-effective way to cover a large area without breaking the bank. Hand them out at events or on street corners. Leave them in public places or deliver them to doorsteps. Flyers are a powerful sales force that are, quite literally, easy to grasp.
Great for promoting events, upcoming sales, or highlighting limited special offers. Use glossy aqueous coating in addition to colorful four-color printing to make your message pop.

| Rack Card

Concise, yet packed with information, rack cards are a marketing machine. These narrow wonders are designed to be displayed in racks and are incredibly tempting for customers to grab and take home with them. If you're in the tourism, hospitality, or restaurant business, rack cards are an absolute must for getting your message out to hurried consumers.
Use rack cards as space-saving promotional pieces at point-of-sale terminals, company lobbies, or trade shows.
Add your business card or a coupon to the rack card with an easy tear-away perforation.
Include rack cards as a mailing insert to promote an exciting new product or an existing one.